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Type Hebrew like your mother tongue in minutes!

Install Windows Heblish to type Heblish directly into your Windows programs.

Note: when using WinHeblish in English Microsoft programs, some alt-<Key> shortcuts will not work correctly. More...

Requirements (Click here to automatically check for requirements.)
  1. Windows 98, ME, NT4+, 2000, XP and up except 64-bit Windows.
    Note: 98 & ME only support the Hebrew consonants as described in the QuickStart Tutorial. They presently do not support the vowels and symbols in the Advanced Tutorial
  2. .
  3. Hebrew support installed. If you are not sure that you have Hebrew installed or are sure it is not installed, see Help Installing Hebrew.
  4. Keyboard Layout to Hebrewize installed on your computer.

  1. Buy
    • 10 US$ for up to 2 installations + 4$ for each additional installation. (4 installations would be 18$).
    • Previous donation for Web Heblish may be subtracted from your payment

    Thank you!

  2. Click here to Download the WinHeblish installer.
    When the program has downloaded,
    • To install on this computer, click on the button labelled "Run" or "Open".
    • To install on a computer that is not connected to the internet,
      1. Choose "Save" to save a copy of the installer.
      2. Copy the installer program to that computer.
      3. Run it on that computer.

If you have any problems, please email us at .

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