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WinHeblish Alt Menu Item Shortcuts

When typing Hebrew in most English programs, Alt-<Key> menu item shortcuts do not work since the shortcuts are defined in English and not in Hebrew. Ctrl-<Key>s do work, though. Some English Microsoft programs like Word allow the use of alt-keys when when typing in Hebrew by "translating" alt-Hebrew Key into the corresponding alt-English Key. In Heblish, when multiple English letters correspond to one Hebrew letter, MS may translate one of the alt-keys in the group to another.
For example, in MS Word when the Heblish keyboard is active, if you type alt-a:
  1. Word receives: alt-Aleph.
  2. Word translates Aleph into the corresponding English letter.
  3. WinHeblish tells Word "e" corresponds to Aleph.
  4. Word then behaves as if alt-e were typed.
If alt-e were typed instead, Word would behave correctly.

WinHeblish minimizes the problem by making the more common alt-keys work at the expense of the less common ones.
Below is the list of the defective alt-keys.

Heblish Alt-Keys which misbehave in MS programs
Alt-Behaves like Alt-